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This shop sells figurines from the Disney Showcase Collection

We are all familiar with many Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel and Maleficent. But did you know that there are beautiful statuettes of your favorite characters available for purchase? You can shop the Disney Showcase Collection in the Kid Collector Shop. In their offer, you will find classic heroes and villains as well as new additions to the Disney family, like figurines of recent live-action films. Discover this extensive collection and start collecting or add to your existing collection.

You can find many of your favorite characters in this shop

Whether you are a fan of princesses or villains or both; there are plenty of Disney characters and designs to choose from. For instance, there are some Disney Haute Couture editions of characters available. Some of these exclusive pieces are designed to look like the character is attending a masquerade ball. You can choose from traditional figurines, but these experts also sell new designs from recent features. For example, there is a statuette of Snow White, but you will also find one of live-action Cinderella. Every figurine from the Disney Showcase Collection is hand-painted, which results in a unique piece every time. Any piece that you purchase from this shop will arrive in original gift box packaging. This way, your statuette will sustain minimal to no damage. It is also possible to pre-order new releases at this shop. It will take a while for your pre-ordered piece to arrive, but at least you will be sure to receive one as it may run out very quickly.

Visit this shop in Belgium or buy online

If you wish to purchase a figurine from the Disney Showcase Collection, you can order it online. It will be shipped within one to four business days. You can also admire their collection in real life, by visiting the shop in Belgium. Feel free to contact the shop owners if you have any questions.