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Supply your sink or washbasin with an instant water heater

Install an instant water heater directly at the point of use. Ideal if you want to use it for a hand wash with manual shower mixer or a ordinary tap.

Avoid having to buy a more expensive storage water heater and go for an inexpensive instant hot water heater. Each instant tankless water heater we sell is unvented. The size of the instantaneous water heater makes it suitable to install in a kitchen cabinet, worktop cabinet or cupboard. Available in both under sink as well as over sink. 


An instant water heater can be used both commercially and domestically for   

  • homes;
  • restrooms;
  • offices; 
  • garages;
  • commercial washrooms;
  • house extensions;
  • ensuite bathrooms;
  • loft conversions;
  • workshops

Vital information for a Instantaneous hot water heater


Wait just 10 seconds and you’ll have hot water available to you. Flow rate and the water temperature shall influence the eventual water temperature coming out of the faucet. You want be able to supply your shower with sufficient hot water, but it is perfect to supply hot water for a hand wash. Having said that the three phase electricity POW 18 LCD is amply capable of supplying your shower cabin. 


The instant hot water heaters we offer: 


Instant tankless water heaters. Over sink instant water heaters: 

  • The Perfect MIX 3500 consumes 3.5 kW of power
  • The Perfect MIX 5000 consumes 5 kW of power


Instant tankless water heaters. Under sink instant water heaters: 

  • The PERFECT 3500 model consumes 3.5 kW of power  
  • The PERFECT 4500 model consumes 4.5 kW of power
  • The 3 Phase electricity POW 18 LCD model consumes a maximum of 24kW of power. See 3 phase current POW 18 LCD  for more information.


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