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Simple small business ideas

Simple small business ideas


1. Career advice agency

There are plenty of people who don’t know what they want with their career. They have lost track after a while of searching and could use some help. 


As a career advisor you can give them direction again. Maybe they need a retraining program or they need a push in the right direction. 




2. Cameraman or woman

Do you love filming? Filming is pretty specialized work, but you don’t have to shoot an A-film right away. Look for nice jobs for a reasonable price, so that not too much is expected of you.




3. Dog walking service 

With a dog walking service you can keep your business local. You will probably need a van to pick up all the dogs. Then, if you have one, you can walk your own dog at the same time. Win-Win.




4. Home care business

As a home care worker, you take care of people in their homes. For this work you do need a diploma, but if you are not going to perform care yourself and only hire people, a course or study in business administration is useful.



5. Foodtruck

Travel the country and attend the best festivals with your food truck. By selling the most delicious snacks you can become a new hit at festivals. More and more foodtruck festivals are popping up because the demand is simply growing.


Buy a nice bus and convert it into a food truck, maybe you can even make a small bed in it. 




6. Online Coach

As an online coach, you basically do the same thing as a “coach”. This way you can help people with their daily struggles, give them handles where they need it. 


With the arrival of the Internet it has become increasingly normal to carry out activities online. So too as an online coach.




7. Catering company

If you can cook well and you don’t want to start a restaurant or cooking studio, you can start a catering company. As a caterer you take care of the banquet for large parties. 


With your bus you deliver your freshly made food and make your guests happy with delicious snacks.




8. Wedding planner

As a real planner you will find punctuality and a clear agenda important. If you also have a great affinity for weddings and everything that has to do with dressing up great venues. Then you can think about planning weddings. 


A nice portfolio online will of course help you land your jobs.


wedding planner

9. Interior architect

As an interior architect you have a feeling for arranging spaces and you can make nice sketches of the layout of houses. A sketch on paper is a bit more old-fashioned, but can be really beautiful. Nowadays you can also use online drawing programs to make beautiful sketches.




10. Takeaway company

Do you have some dishes that your friends say are delicious and they have sometimes asked for the recipe? Then it might be an idea to start your own takeaway business.




11. Vlogging

Start a YouTube channel and vlog about your passion or simply about your life. You’re seeing it more and more. Are you not so good in front of the camera, but would you like to do this? There are all kinds of social media courses that will give you the confidence to be in front of the camera.


The ads you see before you can play a YouTube video are what a vlogger earns from. A vlogger also earns his money through advertising and affiliate marketing.


12. Bed and Breakfast

Do you love to be a host and do you have a nice guesthouse or do you want to rent one. Then you can turn this into a bed and breakfast. 


Make sure you have great reviews, because they will bring you many subsequent customers.




13. Start an Airbnb business

You’ve probably heard of the online rental platform Airbnb. People offer their homes or extra rooms for rent here. The prices your guests pay for an apartment or room are quite high, but reasonable. If you have already rented out your house for a week, you have already paid your total monthly expenses.


If you can do this not only for your own house but also for other houses, you can earn quite a bit of money on it. The earnings model is quite simple. You rent a house monthly from a private individual and post it on Airbnb. Be sure to check the regulations.



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