More memory at your laptop? Buy a hard drive caddy!


When you have not enough memory at your laptop, that is a very bad thing. You can not do everything what you want. For example, you want to download movies. It is hard when your laptop has not enough memory for downloading the movies. But also when you need a lot of memory for your job or for your school projects, it is better to have enough memory. Mostly you use more memory than you are thinking. Some programs, installations and updates has a lot of GB. In this cases, it is a good solution to buy a hard drive caddy. A hard drive caddy is actually the same as a HDD caddy. It is an external case. You can remove your DVD player from your laptop. In this area you can put your hard drive caddy. It is a very easy thing, you do not need help of any technical studies or something else. When you want that people do not see that you are using a hard drive caddy, that is possible. You can put the front case of your DVD player at your hard drive caddy.  When you have a very new laptop, you can use your SATA connection to connect your laptop with the hard drive caddy. But if you have not a very new laptop, there is no big problem. You can also use the PATA/IDE connection.

When can you use a hard drive caddy

Some people think that you need a special laptop to use a hard drive caddy. But actually that is not true. Most of the laptops are suitable for using a hard drive caddy. That is a good thing. If you have not enough memory, there is always a solution for you. It does not matter of which brand your laptop is, you only need a DVD player. There are also two sizes of hard drive caddies. A little size of 9,5 mm and a size a little bit bigger of 12,7 mm. You can Google or you can ask the mark of your laptop which size the best is for your laptop. If you know that, you can order a hard drive caddy. You have a lot of more memory with a hard drive caddy. There are more advantages with a hard drive caddy. You can see a lot of movies, you can save a lot of documents and you do not worry about memory problems. It is a big solution for every laptop.