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Locked out from your car?

Lock opening

How frustrating is it to not be able to enter your own car? The car key has been lost in the forest, you have temporarily put it inside the car trunk and you relize it the same second as you close it. Or, even worse, you leave the car with the engine for “just a short while” and the little child sitting inside happens to lock the central lock … what are you doing? Call us at – we are the best car locksmith in Utrecht, open 24/7!

The car lock has become much better now than on older car models, making it more complicated if the car is of a newer vintage. Therefore, be sure to tell us which year model, brand or model you have when you contact us. The Locksecure has great knowledge to help open locked doors, regardless of whether the keys are gone, the lock is frozen or broken.

Here’s how to fix the lock in seconds if it is frozen
Now that the ice weather invades Netherlands, it’s not just people who freeze, it also makes the car lock freeze and it might be difficult to access your car. Here is the best tip for quickly fixing a frozen lock.

There are many ways to heat up the car key and the car lock when it has frozen. You can heat the lock with your own breath. You can heat the key with a lighter. If you have an alkogel (hand spray) in the bag, you can use the ice-cold lock spray as well. But because the lock should not freeze or collapse again, it is important to lubricate with the correct locking oil.

However, do not use universal spray like 5-56 or WD40, they do not contain enough lubricants. There is special lock oil that contains a lot of graphite, which gives a long-lasting lubrication effect. Use it on the door lock at home too, so it’s much easier to turn the key.

But the best and fastest way is to fill a bag of warm water and hold the bag against the lock. The lock will de-freeze in a few seconds. Pouring warm water directly onto the lock is a fairly common method, but not so clever as the water eventually freezes and causes the lock to fall even more. Use plastic bag – much smarter!

Another thing to keep in mind when it’s really cold, is to lubricate the rubber strips with glycerin or especially rubber fats, then the doors do not freeze.

Do you still need assistance after reading our text above, please call us! We offer a 24/7 car locksmith service!